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Izmir Seferihisar center is 47 km away from izmir adnan menderes airport is 65 km away from izmir airport car rental service. Seferihisar, one of the 12 Ionian cities founded in history, dates back to 1.050 BC. The city, which traces the history and history of many civilizations, collects appreciation of culture, history and nature enthusiasts.
History, as well as Turkey's first inhabitants, the city (Cittaslow) Seferihisar, olive groves, which also impresses with fragrant tangerine orchards. With its unique cuisine, 49 km of coastline and ancient cities to be seen, this place develops itself every year in terms of tourism. We have prepared a list of places to see in this district between Izmir and Turkey.
Sığacık, which is one of the fishing villages of Seferihisar, is a very charming place with its friendly people. The narrow streets and the unique architecture of the village, built on the beach, inside the castle surrounding the harbor, are worth seeing. Here, the Sığacık Castle built in 1522 under the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent, is among the places to see. The fishing village is also one of the places where people who want to dive and go for spear fishing or who want to visit the bay with yachts.
Sığacık Market is established every Sunday in Sığacık Kaleiçi and surrounding streets. Halden no products in this market, all products in the village of Seferihisar and the producers engaged in production. Producers in the market, handicraft, a large number of products, all kinds of fruits and vegetables grown by themselves can sell without intermediaries. For the weekend, the Aegean Herbs are among the most popular products.
Seferihisar Ulu Mosque, one of the late Ottoman period buildings, is one of the works dating back to 1816. The single minaret building is situated in a large courtyard with a wooden vault and a pulpit. In 1996, the building is undergoing extensive repairs and continues to serve today. The interior of the mosque, where baroque ornaments stand out, affects visitors.
The Culture Museum, which was established to keep the culture of Seferihisar alive and pass on to the next generations, has many ethnographic works. Here, the people of the district to be informed about the information, while at the same time facing the disappearance of values ​​are revealed. Thanks to this place, which also serves as an archive, documents on the edge appear and the history of the district and the region is examined in more detail. Ethnography museum features the daily life of the exhibition of exhibitions, such as clothes, objects, such as a large number of visitors to the visitors.
The ancient city of Teos, 5 km away from Seferihisar, is a port city built on a peninsula. With the history dating back to 1,000 BC, the impact of the city on the sea trade reached the Nile Delta. There are many well-preserved remains from the ancient city. The Acropolis, the ancient theater, the city walls, the ancient port and the biggest Dionysus Temple in Anatolia are among the works that can be seen.
Lebedos Antique City, one of the 12 Ionian cities, is known as one of the weakest cities of its time. The city, which was founded by Andropompos, son of Kodrosi, is not possible to develop due to the presence of more powerful cities such as Kolophon and Tlos. Although there are not many artifacts that survive, it is one of the most interesting places to visit because of the ruins and the natural beauty surrounding the peninsula.
Akkum Beach, which increases the number of visitors with its proximity to Izmir, is located in the Sığacık neighborhood of Seferihisar. Located among the most beautiful beaches of Izmir, the blue clear sea and the green nature of those who see it. The blue flag coast is very suitable for many water sports, especially windsurfing.
Ekmeksiz Beach, where blue and green are in perfect harmony, wins the appreciation of those who come with clean sea. In 2001, the blue flag area and camping and picnic places are quite nice. This place, which is cool thanks to the pine forests surrounding the picnic areas, becomes even more attractive for holidaymakers in the summer months. The beach, which is also comfortable to reach by minibuses in Seferihisar, promises to have a pleasant time with its cool waters.
Seferihisar, which is one of the places to visit in İzmir, wins the appreciation of the holidaymakers with its cultural background, the magnificent nature of the green and the blue and the long coastline. In addition to culture and sea tourism, the city is visited by more people every year, where many fruits and vegetables can be found fresh.