Rental Rules

At the time of signing the lease agreement, the tenant must have reached the age of 23 for economic and middle-class vehicles, domestic or international min.he must have a 2-year driver's license and keep his driver's license with him.

At least 3 days.
Periodic maintenance, rent a car insurance and 18% VAT are included in the rental prices.
The fuel belongs to the lessor.
A baby seat and navigation can be rented provided that you notify in advance. The cost of a baby seat is 2 euros per day navigation is 3 euros per day;stop
HGS ( highway, bridge tolls ) belongs to the lessee.

Our call center will contact you after the reservation you have made on our website has been confirmed by us. In accordance with the information you have provided, the staff of Armoni Rent a Car will meet you and pick you up to deliver the vehicle and receive a refund upon your return. In order for the vehicle to be delivered to you, the driver's licenses, IDs and passports of our customers from abroad, the driver's licenses, IDs and credit cards of the same person of our customers from abroad must be with them and presented to our staff. Otherwise, vehicle delivery cannot be made.
· In case of loss of the car key or license, the costs belong to the lessee.
· In case of tire explosion or landing, the expenses that will arise due to not being replaced with a replacement belong to the lessee.
* Traffic fines and parking fees belong to the tenant.
· In one-sided or double-sided accidents, it is mandatory to issue an accident detection report and obtain an alcohol report. Otherwise, the tenant is responsible for the costs incurred. 
.         There is no credit card requirement for our guests coming from abroad, it is enough to have a passport, ID and driver's license.
· A credit card is mandatory for domestic rentals, and the credit card must be in the name of the person renting the vehicle, provision from the credit card is blocked according to the brand model of the rented vehicle
.         The vehicle delivery is made by evaluating the Findex score.
.        When the vehicle is delivered in accordance with smooth conditions, the provision is safely transferred to your card by the bank.
.        Domestic Rental Provision Fees
.        (Economic group vehicles : 300 € ) (Medium group vehicles : 400 € ) (Luxury group vehicles : 500 € Credit Card Authorization Blocked Fees.
         The Credit Card Must Belong to the Person Renting the Vehicle. It is Not Possible to Deliver a Car with a Credit Card in Someone Else's Name.
         You can contact our customer service 24/7 to get more detailed information.Dec.
Our vehicles are rent a car helmets. 
The vehicle you will rent is protected against crashing, crashing, theft and attempted theft. Damages that may be caused to third parties are also protected within the limits of traffic insurance. There is no damage exemption in our insurance conditions that we apply. However, it has not been recorded properly (accident detection report, alcohol report, documents of the parties involved in the accident, etc.) the costs of damages belong exclusively to the user. In cases of damage that has not been recorded, if mini damage insurance has not been purchased, damage repair is definitely not performed with the driver's statement. 
In order for the insurances And Insurance to be valid:
The accident occurred while being used by one of the people whose name is written on the vehicle contract,
Absolutely no alcohol was consumed and/or under the influence of drugs while driving,
In the event of a UNILATERAL accident or theft of the vehicle, accident, theft and alcohol detection reports have been received by contacting the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location (of the vehicle),
In case of DOUBLE-SIDED accidents, except for the cases reported in the following articles, according to the manner of occurrence of the accident, the Material Damage Accident Detection Report should be filled in as indicated on the minutes,
In double-sided accidents, only in the following cases, the traffic accident detection report should be issued by the traffic police.
If the driver is using a motor vehicle without a license
If the driver is under the age of,
If the driver has a suspicion of alcohol or mental health,
In case one of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions,
In case of damage to the property belonging to public institutions,
Only 3 in a Car Accident.in case of damage to personal belongings
In case one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance,
In case of a traffic accident resulting in death and / or bodily harm.
In case of theft, the "Theft Detection Report" must have been received by the nearest police or gendarmerie station and the key and vehicle license must have been delivered to our personnel.

In Case of Damage And Accident Cases, If There Is No Accident Report, the Damage Fee Is Appealed To the Person Who Rented It.
Mini Damage Insurance 
ECO mini damage insurance, which can be purchased as an extra and costs 5 euros per day, covers damages caused by unilateral accidents under 4,000 TL with a customer statement without the need for a report from the police / gendarmerie. 
Mini damage insurance, which can be purchased as an extra and costs 6 euros per day, ORTA covers damages caused by unilateral accidents under 5,000 TL with a customer statement, without the need for a report from the police / gendarmerie. 
Any damage liability that remains above the insurance coverage limits belongs to our users.